Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you provide Hula Dancers and Fire Dancers?
We provide novelty luau catering with decorative food, festive Hawaiian Luau music and fun games (Limbo Game and Hula-Hoop Contest with Prize Giveaways) Customers that want Hula and Fire Dancers typically hire local providers and have them perform at their event in addition to our catering services.

Do you have Roasted Pigs on your menu?
Not at this time. Customers that want this option purchase a roasted pig from another provider and serve it in conjunction with our catering.

Why should I choose Tiki Tiki's instead of another caterer?
We do much more than just show up with food. Our fun music, interactive games, photos and other extras provide your guests an experience they will remember. Don't risk being embarrassed by another caterer that shows up late, runs out of food, or doesn't have 5-Star online reviews and customer testimonials. We make you look like a HERO!

I want to create my own package based on the Add-On Menu page. Can I do that?
The only options we offer are our All-Inclusive package, Deluxe package, and Delivery option. Build-Your-Own menu options are not available.

I don’t want music, games, or photos. Can’t you just come and serve the food?
Please choose from our All-Inclusive, Deluxe, or Delivery packages, as they are the only available options we have for catering.

I don't need some of the items included in the Luau Catering Packages. If I remove some of them will it reduce the price?
The items included in the packages are complimentary add-ons that we include free of charge so you can have an ‘Amazing’ event. Because we don't charge you for those items it doesn’t reduce the price if you choose to remove them.

What type of decorations are provided?
We bring the Islands to You. That includes a decked out Tiki Hut for serving, a decorated serving table, and complimentary Leis for your guests (in our All-Inclusive Package).

I want Adult Beverages! Can you do that?
Yes. We provide Premium Tropical Beverages that can be mixed onsite with any liquor that you wish to provide.

Do you have vegetarian options?
Our Vegetarian Plate is the best option for your Vegetarians. Alternatively, Vegetarians also enjoy the Maui Cole Slaw, Tropical Green Salad, Fresh Fruit Display, and Hawaiian Rolls.

Do you provide tent, table, and chair rentals?
Yes. If you need tables, chairs, or a tent we can provide those through our Party Rental service.

What are the prizes that you give away in the Big Kahuna package?
Our novelty giveaways include your choice of 2 (two) of the following: a ‘Hula Hunk’ or ‘Beach Babe’ plastic apron for Adults or ‘Tiki Mask’ for Kids.

I don't have a final head count. Should I contact you anyway?
Yes. If you have a definite date in mind and a general idea of your headcount let us know. We can get your date locked in and you can adjust your headcount up to a week in advance.

I want Tiki Tiki's to cater my event! How do I confirm my date?
Go to the Book Your Event! page, review the information, and then call us. We will get the details of your event and send you a Catering Agreement so you can pay your 50% deposit and lock in your date.

Do you offer sampling of your food?
For larger events (200+) we may be able to schedule a drop-off sample after you’ve paid your 50% deposit, depending on our availability. If you want to find out how good our food is before paying your deposit, don’t take our word for it – just go HERE and see what everyone's saying about our Good Food & Fun!

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Corporate Checks.

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